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  • SMS Services

    Status about all the transactional and promotional SMS being sent through LiveHealth

    • Transactional SMS

      Status on transactional SMS services

      • India

        Transactional SMS service status (India)

      • International

        Transactional SMS service status (International)

    • Promotional SMS

      Status on promotional SMS services

      • India

        Promotional SMS service status (India)

      • International

        Promotional SMS service status (International)

    • OTP

      Status on OTP delivery system

  • Email Service

    Status on E-mail delivery system for patients, doctors and organisations around the world

  • Notifications

    Status on the web and In-app notifications

    • Web notifications
    • App notifications
  • Application Services
    • Operation

      Active status of the operation module

    • Admin

      Active Status of the Admin Module

    • Finance

      Active Status of the Finance Module

    • Registration

      Active Status of the Registration Module

    • Accession

      Active Status of the Accession Module

  • Interfacing Integrations
  • Webhooks
  • API's
  • Payment Gateway

    Status on the online payment gateway

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